Resources for Researchers

Funding Opportunities

College of Veterinary Medicine Signature Program Funding Opportunities

Comparative Medicine Signature Program

Emerging, Infectious and Zoonotic Diseases Signature Program

Population Systems Signature Program

Internal Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding Opportunities at the University of Minnesota. 

Extramural Coordinated Funding Opportunities

Are you looking for an opportunity to collaborate? Find a list of coordinated funding opportunities at the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) website. This list features externally funded grant opportunities that require university coordination because the sponsor has limited the number of applications an institution is allowed to submit. Each posting has a link to sponsor specific information as well as detailed internal submission instructions.

Researcher Resources

Guide to Research Compliance

Research Resources - Information provided by the Office of the Vice President (OVPR) on applying for grants, commonly used forms (IACUC, IBC, IRB), compliance, grants and reporting, policies and procedures, subjects protection, technology transfer and IP and training opportunities.

Research Education Requirements - The University provides mandatory and supplemental training in ethics and regulatory compliance for any students, faculty or staff who are conducting or supporting research at the University.