Research Committee

Research Committee

Erin Dickerson, VCS, (2018) 
Alice Larson, VBS (2020) Chair
Molly McCue, VPM (2018)
Liz Pluhar, VCS (2020)
Pam Skinner, VBS (2019)
Montse Torremorell, VPM (2020)
TroyTrumble, VPM (2019)
Robert Washabau, VCS (2019)
Tiffany Wolf, VPM/Meggan Craft, VPM (2019)

Ad hoc: Mark Rutherford, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs 
Ex officio: Sriram Rao, Associate for Research 


Cluster Planning/Shared Instruments/Infrastructure
S. Friedenberg
A. Larson 
M. Torremorell 

Early Investigator(New)/Social Committee
A. Larson
M. McCue
M. Means (Development Office)
L. Pluhar
T. Trumble 

Postdoctoral/Research Associate Activities
E. Dickerson
M. McCue
M. Rutherford, Lead

Research Seminar Series/Caffeinated Conversations on Research 
S. Friedenberg
P. Skinner (Lead)
M. Craft


Minutes and the schedule for 2017/2018 can be found here