College of Veterinary Medicine Research Seminar Series

CVM Research Seminars are from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm in room 125 of the Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine building, 1088 Fitch Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota. Everyone is weclome to attend, refreshments are provided.

Watch previous seminars and seminars live here:

Schedule of Events

September 19
“How small changes affect influenza virus host range”
Dr. Daniel Perez, PhD
Department of Population Health
Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Georgia
Host: Dr. Montse Torremorell

October 3

"The Prion Principle in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Strategies for Treatment and Diagnosis"
Dr. Claudio Soto, PhD        
Department of Neurology
The University of Texas
Health Sciences Center at Houston
Host: Dr. Pam Skinner

October 10

Points of Pride Research Day (Held in 215 Pomeroy) 2:45 pm - 4:30 pm 

Zoetis Award for Excellence in Research
Dr. Bruce Walcheck, “Enhancing Cancer Cell Killing by Natural Killer Cells in Humans and Animals”
Distinguished Research Alumnus
Dr. Jane Christopher-Hennings, ”Detection and persistence of viruses in semen using arteriviruses as a model”
Distinguished Research Partner
Zoetis Animal Health, TBA

Oct 17

Dr. Scott O'Grady

Department of Animal Science 
Cellular Physiology, University of Wisconsin
Host: Dr. Dave Brown, VBS

Oct 31

Dr. Robert Geraghty
Center for Drug Design
University of Minnesota
Host: Dr. Kathleen Boris-Lawrie, VBS

November 7 - Mark of Excellence Award Seminar

“Developing spontaneous osteoarthritis pain in dogs as a translational model ”
Dr. Michael Conzemius, VCS
CVM, University of Minnesota 
Introduction by: Dr. Cathy Carlson, VCS

November 14 

"Advocating for gender equality in the workplace: How to be an ally”
Dr. Katherine Murphy, Program Coordinator

Presenting on behalf of: Empowering Women in Science
University of Minnesota        

Host: Dr. Pam Skinner, VBS

December 5

“Anthrax transmission in herbivorous African wildlife”
Dr. Wendy Turner        
College of Arts and Sciences
University at Albany
Albany, NY
Host: Dr. Meggan Craft

December 12 - Caffeinated Conversations on Research