New class portraits

June 14, 2018

Since 1951, when the CVM graduated its first class of students, a large photo of each year’s class has been produced and mounted on a wall of the College. As you may have already seen, these photos currently hang in the main hallway of the Veterinary Medical Center. Unfortunately, the class photographs for the years 1971–80 and 1993 were produced with color dyes that faded. The quality of these portraits was very poor, and it became clear that they would soon deteriorate altogether.

The Minnesota Veterinary Historical Museum (MVHM), an organization of passionate volunteers, resolved to save these important photographs. Using a Minneapolis production firm with expertise in digital scanning and computer enhancement, a black-and-white restoration print was recently completed for the class of 1974. The quality of this restoration is excellent, and the new print has been mounted in place of the old.

“After bringing the 1974 restored class photo to the 2018 Minnesota Veterinary Medicine Association’s annual meeting with the faded original, we were able to generate additional interest in the project and reach our entire monetary goal through fundraising,” says Bennett Porter III, ’82 DVM, who led the campaign. Since then, the museum has restored the remaining 10 class photos.

As the MVHM embarks on new projects to preserve veterinary history in Minnesota, the museum is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in contributing to the MVHM’s efforts, please contact Porter at 612-251-6371 or for more information.