For Current Comparative Molecular and Biosciences Students

The College of Veterinary Medicine offers a variety of resources to help in the timely completion of degree programs. Below are a number of links to detailed information, course lists, guidelines, and forms to help students navigate the process.

This list of CMB PhD required courses will help you plan your PhD program in Comparative Molecular and Biosciences.

The CMB course schedule offers a complete list of required courses offered over the next two semesters.Two research rotations of approximately eight weeks in duration are completed in the first semester. The director of graduate studies helps identify the first rotation laboratory based on a student’s interests. The student is primarily responsible for setting up the second rotation. The research rotations are important in identifying an advisor for the PhD dissertation research.

You can register for your courses online at Onestop.

Many different seminars are offered throughout the college and University in addition to the weekly graduate student seminar series. The graduate student seminar series calendar alerts you to current topics and speakers.

The CMB PhD degree timeline provides year-by-year course recommendations to complete the program efficiently.

You can access online forms for your graduate degree plan forms, request for examining committee members, annual student progress report, written examination report, oral preliminary exam scheduling, oral preliminary exam report, and final examining committee, as well as your graduation packet.

Students also need to familiarize themselves with the CMB Program Guidelines.

The following links provide quick access to programmatic and institutional services and communities.