STEMMA Research

Funded projects and initiatives 

Title of Project Effective & Expiration Dates Supporting Agency and Agency Active Award/pending Proposal Number
Use of Cattle Movement Information and Epidemiological Modeling to Improve Bovine TB Risk-based Surveillance 01/02/14 – 08/31/16 USDA/NIFA
Epidemiological Analysis of FMD Virus in Uganda 01/02/14 – 03/31/15 Specific Cooperative Agreement with the USDA/ARS
 Differentiating new PRRS virus incursions from resident virus strains  01/01/14 – 12/31/14 Boehringer Ingelheim
A System for Near Real Time Space-Time Visualization and Analysis of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Data Collected by Diagnostic Laboratories  01/02/14 – 06/30/14 Kansas State University / CEEZAD
Use of animal movement data and epidemiological modeling to identify premises at high risk of infection in the event of a foot-and-mouth disease epidemic 01/02/14 – 12/31/15  National Pork Board
National Swine Health Monitor project: incidence and factors associated with transmission and control of PED virus  01/02/14 – 12/31/15 National Pork Board
Particle size associations with airborne swine viruses under field conditions  05/01/14 – 04/30/15 University of Minnesota Population Systems
Differentiating new PRRS virus incursions from resident virus strains  05/01/14 – 04/30/15 University of Minnesota Population Systems
Management and analysis of big data for near real-time detection and early response to food animal health threats  07/01/2014-06/30/2015 MN Drive: Global Food Venture
STEMMA: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics for Minnesota Advancement 07/01/2014-06/30/2015 MN Drive: OVPR
Development of a modeling framework for the regional spread of pathogens in swine populations 07/01/2015-06/30/2017 Hatch/formula funds
Fellowship for one graduate (PhD) student 09/01/2014-08/30/2015 CEEZAD Graduate Level Career Development Program.
Quantitative methods for analysis of food animal disease data 09/15/2014-09/14/2015 Internationalizing Teaching and Learning Cohort Program 2014-15
 High Priority Transboundary Animal Disease Sampling Partnership in Uganda  09/01/2014-08/30/2015  USDA-APHIS
Modeling porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) spread at the within-farm and regional levels.   09/01/2014-08/30/2015  MN Legislature
 Characterization of influenza diversity in piglets and risk factors for diversity  11/01/2014-10/30/2017  USDA-AFRI-NIFA