STEMMA Faculty, Staff & Collaborators

Andres Perez: Associate Professor (PI)

Julio Alvarez: Assistant Professor (Production, PTB)

Ana Alba: Postdoctoral Fellow (Syndromic Surveillance) 

Kim VanderWaal: Postdoctoral Fellow (Network analysis) 

Venkatramana Krishna: Postdoctoral Fellow (New diagnostic tests)

Pablo Valdes-Donoso: Research Specialist (Socio-economics)

Amy Kinsley: Research Assistant (Modeling FMD)

Kaushi Kanankege: Research Assistant (Modeling fish disease and paratuberculosis)

Catalina Picasso: Research Assistant (Bovine TB) 

Gabe Al-Ghalith: Programmer (IT systems)

Mohammad Alkhamis: Adjunct Assistant Professor (spatial analysis and evolution of viruses) 

Deepak Kumar: Research Assistant (Modeling swine viruses)


Our program is intrinsically collaborative. We liaise with a number of groups and people at the University of Minnesota to facilitate the use of STEM to meet the goal of their programs.

Some of our collaborators are: