Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

   Our mission is to benefit animal and human health through excellence in science and education.

  • Tim Johnson and Yinduo Ji with CMB 5571_8571 students

    Spring Semester 2018 CVM Graduate Course Highlights:

    VBS Faculty, Drs. Hinh Ly, Tim Johnson, Yinduo Ji, and Aaron Rendahl teach revised graduate course, CMB 8303 and two new courses, CMB 8571 and CMB/VMED 8910.
  • Zika virus transmission

    Mohan Liu: Zika Virus Transmission

    This movie illustrates how the Zika virus may be transmitted via mosquito between non-human primates. The virus was first isolated in 1947 from monkeys in Uganda.
  • Stained gastrointenstinal cells

    Dr. Srirama Rao: White Blood Cell Enzyme Holds Key to Monitoring Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    This could potentially lead to more reliable diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease in dogs.  
       Dr. Rao  
  • CVM Genomics and Genetics Research Cluster

    Dr. James Mickelson: Improving Animal and Human Health and Well-Being

    We’re all mammals, we have genomes and the same number of base pair genes.
    Dr. Mickelson
  • Memory B cell

    Michael Rahe: Identifying memory B cell in pigs

    Mike’s thesis project focuses on the identification, and characterization of the memory B cell in pigs.
  • VBS 2032 Petridish art, Spring 2017

    VBS2032, General Microbiology: Petri Dish Art

    Using fine sterile picks, students carefully dabbed small amounts of the bacterial “paint” to inoculate - paint each dish.

Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences conducts investigations across the cutting-edge research areas of Host-Pathogen Interface Biology, Microbiome and Antibiotic Resistance, Chronic Disease Biology, and Genetics and Genomics. The Department also provides educational offerings and research opportunities in the basic biomedical sciences to undergraduate, professional, and graduate students.


Kakambi Nagaraja Awarded USDA NIFA AFRI Grant

Dr. Kakambi Nagaraja, professor in the Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Department, has been awarded a grant from the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Foundational Animal Health and Disease Program. Dr. Nagaraja will use his award to study clostridial dermatitis, a disease of economic concern in turkeys. Part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture, AFRI is is the nation’s premier peer-reviewed competitive grants program for fundamental and applied agricultural sciences. Dr.


CVM Education Day and Excellence In Diversity and Inclusion Award

 CVM Education Day is scheduled for Friday, May 18th. Posters will be solicited in categories including: Graduate education and mentoring; Collaborative learning; Active learning; Curriculum/Curricular changes; Technology in education; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) projects; Student mental health; Course design; and Course coordination. Poster abstracts are due May 11, 2018 to Lyne Lura. Poster sessions will be heald in ASVM and topics/speakers include using e-books as notes, new ideas for assessment, and more. A luncheon and awards will follow the morning sessions.
The Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award will also be announced on CVM Education Day. This award recognizes significant accomplishments and innovation in achieving and sustaining diversity and inclusion efforts within the College of Veterinary Medicine's personnel, policies, programs, environment, climate, and constituencies. A stipend of $1000 each for faculty, staff, and student will be awarded. For more information please visit the CVM Diversity website.