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Grand Challenge Courses

Grand Challenge Courses (GCC) introduced by the Office of Undergraduate Education and the Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost have been developed to engage students and inspire them to tackle complex real world challenges that we face today. 

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GCC 3016/5016-Science and Society: Working Together to Avoid the Antibiotic Resistance Apocalypse

Offered: Spring 2018
Instructors: Drs. Dawn Foster-Hartnett, Patricia Goodman-Mamula, James Johnson, and Timothy Johnson
Units: 3 credits
Prerequisites: Must be a sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student
Course Components: Lecture/Discussion, 11:45am-12:35pm, MWF
Course Attributes: Antibiotic resistance, globalization, societal and ethical implications, alternative therapeutic approaches
Description: This course provides an overview of how antibiotic use invoked antibiotic resistance, including in depth discussions of antibiotic resistant microorganisms and the impact of globalization on this exploding problem