Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences


Our teaching mission is to educate future leaders, decision makers, practitioners, and communicators with a strong emphasis on One Medicine One Science

Students in the classroom

We train students at the undergraduate, graduate and professional veterinary medicine levels using best practices of scientific teaching. 

Our courses are united in a common focus on the complex relationships between human health, animal health and the environment. Our goal is to insure students develop the skills for success in diverse careers ranging from human or animal healthcare, basic science research, agricultural science and policy. 

Courses engage students in broad-based learning with diverse instruction that includes basic, applied, and clinical skills.  We train students in scientific literacy and discovery, emphasizing communication and critical thinking skills.  Our teaching staff works in close collaboration with other departmental members incorporating cutting-edge research and clinical practices into the classroom, ensuring that our curriculum is both current and relevant.  

New Courses:

CMB 5912-Creativity in Science Careers

Offered: January Intersession
Instructor: Dr. Alice A. Larson
Units: 1 credit
Course Components: Lecture/Discussion, 2nd week in January, 8am-12pm M-Th
Description: This intersession course will introduce you to methods and tools for harnessing your creativity for problem solving and innovation in your research, and is open to all ages and academic disciplines.

CMB 5912 YouTube 

GCC 3016/5016-Science and Society: Working Together to Avoid the Antibiotic Resistance Apocalypse

Offered: Spring 2018
Instructors: Drs. Dawn Foster-Hartnett, Patricia Goodman-Mamula, James Johnson, and Timothy Johnson
Units: 3 credits
Prerequisites: Must be a sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student
Course Components: Lecture/Discussion, 11:45am-12:35pm, MWF
Description: This course provides an overview of how antibiotic use invoked antibiotic resistance, including in depth discussions of antibiotic resistant microorganisms and the impact of globalization on this exploding problem.

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