Spring Semester 2018 CVM Graduate Course Highlights

Spring Semester 2018 CVM Graduate Course Highlights
Spring 2018 Semester was marked by the start of a newly, revised graduate course and two new courses taught by VBS Faculty.

The first week of undergraduate and graduate classes began on January 16th, 2018 and was marked by the start of a newly, revised  CMB graduate course and two new courses, directed and taught by VBS faculty members with significant student enrollment.

Hinh Ly with CMB 8303 studentsDr. Hinh Ly is the new coordinator for “Comparative Models of Disease” (CMB 8303), a long-standing, two credit graduate course offered in Spring semester. The course was previously coordinated by Dr. John Collister. This course provides a broad overview of issues relevant to the use of animal models in biomedical research and students will learn how to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of animal model systems for research on major diseases processes affecting humans and animals. 

Aaron Rendahl with CMB VMED 8910 studentsDr. Aaron Rendahl is teaching “Statistical Principles of Research Design” (CMB/VMED 8910), a three credit graduate course on the principles and techniques of research design and methods used in veterinary and translational research. 

Drs. Yinduo Ji and Timothy Johnson (both pictured in banner image) are co-directing “Pathogenomics and Molecular Epidemiology – Learning to Fly” (CMB5571/8571), a three credit course for both graduate and advanced undergraduate students, that will introduce the use of modern molecular methods to enhance understanding of the pathogenesis, etiology, and transmission of infectious diseases afflicting animals and people.