Mohan Liu

Zika Virus Transmission
Mohan Liu


A class project in VBS 2032 General Microbiology course sparked the creativity of student Mohan Liu, and her idea for a flip book narrated video about the zika virus turned heads in the department. 

Mohan has had a passion for animals since her childhood, growing up in the city of Shigiazhuang, 5 hours south of Beijing.

After completing secondary school, Liu went to college in Singapore for four years, while her love for animals prospered. Her excitement is apparent as she tells a story about an inspiring trip to a zoo to see her favorite animal, the panda.

Liu applied to the U of M and was accepted despite pressure from her parents to stay in Singapore and become a biomedical scientist. She shaved her head in defiance and said that she needed to “take responsibility for her decision”. 

Liu’s favorite course at the U of M has been “Animal Handling” and she maintains an interest in animal care. Mohan hopes to get into veterinary school so she can eventually “save animals without spending money”. As we can see by her synthesis of creativity and passion for veterinary medicine in her flipbook, Liu is well on her way to achieving that goal.