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Nagaraja Clostridial Cells
Profile on Dr. Kakambi Nagaraja:
Highlights on the life and esteemed career of Dr. Kakambi Nagaraja, Professor, Researcher, Teacher, Mentor, and Turkey expert.
Murtaugh Fellowship slide
New Graduate Fellowship Created in Honor of Dr. Michael P. Murtaugh:
The Graduate Fellowship created in honor of the late, Dr. Michael Murtaugh will support future students and allow his legacy to live on.
Dr. Carol Cardona Receives 2018 Ranelius Award at MTGA Annual Meeting:
Dr. Cardona, Pomeroy Chair in Avian Health is the 2018 recipient of the prestigious Renelius Award.
CVM Genomics and Genetics Research Cluster
Dr. James Mickelson: Improving Animal and Human Health and Well-Being
We’re all mammals, we have genomes and the same number of base pair genes. Dr. Mickelson    
Fluorescence image of cultured HeLa cells
Bruce Walcheck: Unlocking the Mysteries of ADAM 17
If ADAM 17 enzyme can be regulated, the incidence of diseases associated with inflammation and cancer could be reduced.  Dr. Walcheck  
Multi-channel pipette used in the lab
Tim Johnson: Fighting Disease in the Poultry Industry
Humans and animals are intertwined and studying the condition of animals is very relevant to the human condition. Dr. Johnson