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VBS-Cheryl Dvorak and Michael Murtaugh

Cheryl Dvorak (*1), Zeynep Akkutay-Yoldar, Suzanne Stone, Steven Tousignant, Fabio Vannucci, and Michael Murtaugh published the manuscript, "An i

Image of gold, brown and black Labrador retriever

Out of 185 dogs that were sterilized and for whom we knew how old they were when they were sterilized, it is significantly more likely for a female dog to tear her CCL if she was spayed at a young age.

Dr. Walcheck presents a collegiate seminar

The results of Dr. Walcheck’s studies may lead to new treatments for diseases associated with widespread inflammation, such as life-threatening sepsis

Image of four professors in antibiotic teaching team

Treatment of infections with antimicrobial drugs is a cornerstone of veterinary medicine, but selecting and administering antibiotics to companion animals and livestock is often not a simple matter.

Portraits of Dr. Ly and Dr. Meyer

As viruses infect cells of an animal host, they often stimulate a vigorous immune response. This is due to the ability of host cells to detect viral products, such as double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) through pathogen recognition receptors.


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