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Dr. Tim Johnson and his colleague, Dr. Jay Graham with the Public Health Institute, were awarded NIH R01 funding for their project, "Antimicrobial resistance transmission associated with small-scale food-animal production in peri-urban communities of Quito, Ecuador."

Collister, John lab

The paper, "Role of afferent and efferent renal nerves in the development of Angll-salt hypertension in rats," by JD Foss, J. Fiege, Y. Shimizu, T. Mayerhofer, L. Wood, JW Osborn, and John Collister was published in a February 2018 issue of Physiological Reports.

Emily Smith
Emily Smith presents her Research Rotation seminar on Finding E.Coli and Antibiotic Resistance in Canada Geese.

Fernando Leite, Randy Singer, Connie Gebhart, & Richard Isaacson publish in Scientific Reports.

soy bean field

The Rao lab's collaborative studies on soy food allergy “Inhibition of soluble epoxide hydrolase attenuates eosinophil recruitment and foodallergen-induced gastrointestinal inflammation” was published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology.