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Connie Gebhart BIOMIC Award

Dr. Connie Gebhart, VBS Professor, was awarded the BIOMIC Award for Excellence in Diagnostic Veterinary Microbiology at the 2017 American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians annual meeting in San Diego, CA.

Liang/Ly Lab

The laboratory of Dr's. Yuying Liang and Hinh Ly had recently published a total of 10 articles/papers in Methods of Molecular Biology, Oncotarget, Scientific Reports, and the International Journal of Molecular Science.

Fernando Leite

Fernando Leite, Ph.D. candidate with Dr. Richard Isaacson's lab was awarded Champion Ribbon for the presentation of his abstract at the Leman Conference.

Burton, Erin

The manuscript, "Pathology in Practice," was published in the October 15th, 2017 edition of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. 

piggy bank

VBS will be hosting this years fundraising events which will include a bake sale, candy jar count, pest infestation and Haunted House. Announcements with event details will go out to the college soon.


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