Tim Johnson and Randy Singer Combat Antimicrobial Resistance in Washington DC

June 27, 2017
VBS, Tim Johnson and Randy Singer

Randy Singer spoke of "The Changing Paradigm of Antimicrobial Use in Veterinary Medicine" and Tim Johnson spoke about "Effective Scientific Advances and Promising Research to Reduce the Need for Antimicrobials--Animal Health Perspective."
While there has been some advancement in mitigating the threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), alongside political recognition, there continues to be many gaps in knowledge and major scientific and technological hurdles that still need to be addressed. Through a One Health approach, this meeting examined key areas in human, animal, and environmental health that contribute to the emergence and spread of AMR, and present the complexities and potential strategies of bridging the different sectors and disciplines—such as microbiology, agriculture, veterinary medicine, public health, environmental health, infectious diseases, and research and development of medical products—to counter this global threat. A key focus of the workshop is to explore immediate and short term actions and research needs that will have the greatest impact on reducing AMR.