Sizzling Summer Science Spotlight (S⁴) Seminar Recap

August 22, 2017
Bruce Walcheck and Christina Clarkson

As the summer winds down and we look ahead to the new academic year ahead it is a good time to reflect on the Sizzling Summer Science Spotlight S⁴ Seminar series which kicked off July 13th and ran through August 17th. This series, coordinated by Dr. Alice Larson highlighted six VBS faculty with versatile areas of expertise whom covered topics that included 'applying for training grants', to 'mitigating antimicrobial resistance', to 'teaching tools and tips for Millennial students', to 'Host adaptation of Salmonella'. 

 Dr. Bruce Walcheck, who presented, "Engineering enhanced natural killer cells for cancer therapy," discussed IgG, which attaches to target cells, such as tumor cells and virus infected cells. The antibody acts as a bridge allowing the Natural Killer (NK) cell to kill the target cell. The Wu and Walcheck labs are engineering enhanced versions of CD16a and expressing these in engineered NK cells with the goal of improving the function of therapeutic antibodies to, in part, promote better cancer cell killing.

S4 Seminar collageDr. Christina Clarkson, presented "Gross Anatomy - Redesigning for Relevance," and discussed knowledge of gross and radiographic anatomy being critical to clinical practice. Students entering the graduate program have a limited background in anatomy and therefore need to establish further connections to bridge this gap. The ultimate goal is to give the students increased retention of clinically significant anatomy years later by gearing study towards understanding of structure-function relationships and framed within a future clinical context.

Attendance included faculty and staff from across the College of Veterinary Medicine. The Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences thanks all of those who participated and assisted in making this series a success.