Boris-Lawrie Lab Publishes Paper in Scientific Reports

August 22, 2017
Boris-Lawrie Lab

This study "The basal translation rate of authentic HIV-1 RNA is regulated by 5'UTR nt-pairings at junction of R and U5" documents the complexity of HIV translational control is intertwined with 5UTR conformations broader than monomer:dimer equilibrium. 

As a result, the team is now asking the questions: how does 5UTR structurinfluence interaction with the nuclear cap binding complex and its retention on HIV RNA during downregulatioof eIF4E; what is the structural consequence to adenine methylation within the 5UTR or the trimethylatioof the 5-terminal 7-methylguanosine cap
Finally, mechanistic studies are warranted to characterize the unprecedented role of DHX9/RHA in translational control of the 5-proximal residues of HIV RNA situated between TAR and the PolyA stem.