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Richard Isaacson and Fernando Leite

It’s no secret that working towards a Masters or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree. is hard work. 

Kathleen Boris-Lawrie, Brad Seufzer and Gati Singh

The article, "Identification of conserved, primary sequence motifs that direct retrovirus RNA fate" was published in Nucleic Acids Research shortly after the provisional patent was filed.

Richard and Barbara Isaacson with Dean Trevor Ames

Dr. Richard Isaacson's faculty career in the Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences was celebrated on Thursday, May 24th in the Hayloft Cafe, Ben Pomeroy Building. 

Canine NAPEPLD paper Figure 5, Scientific Reports

Dr. James Mickelson, Professor in VBS and Katie Minor, Researcher4, published a paper in Scientific Reports entitled, "Canine NAPEPLD-Associated models of human myelin disorders."

Boris-Lawrie, Kathleen and Collister, John

Annually the College of Veterinary Medicine hosts Education Day to give Teachers and Students the opportunity to share posters, listen to speakers talk about new ways to engage and teach students, and present awards to distinguished faculty and instructors for their dedication to teaching.


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