Swine Program

CVM 6945: Large Animal Medicine III

tractor and grain silos


This course will address common medical disorders of the large animal neurological, muscular, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems, as well as common medical problems of swine at the core level. It will provide part of the large animal clinical content needed to pass the National Board Examination, as well as foundation knowledge for subsequent large animal elective courses.  


Upon completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Understand and explain the pathophysiology and key clinical signs of common neurological, muscular, respiratory, and cardiovascular disorders of horses and ruminants; as well as common disorders affecting all body systems of swine.
  • Identify the most likely differential diagnoses for core disorders based on clinical signs.
  • Choose appropriate diagnostic tests for distinguishing between related differential diagnoses.
  • Recognize clinical and diagnostic signs that may indicate a need for emergency therapy.
  • Understand and explain effective treatment, and herd management strategies where relevant, once a diagnosis has been made.

Other information

Maximum enrollment: 100

Type of class: Common core

Year: 3rd