Swine Program

CVM 6865: Introduction to swine production medicine


piglets in straw


This is an introductory course for first year veterinary students who elect to learn more about pigs and the global pork production industry.  This course will cover basic aspects of pig production and pig medicine but it will also provide some advanced knowledge to students that already have a background on the subject. In addition, this course will expose students to veterinarians working with pigs as traditional independent practitioners or working as part of large entrepreneur production companies.    


By the end of the course the students will be able to:

  • relate how we raise pigs in the US for food consumption and what practices take place at the farms.
  • know the basics of swine production and medicine in relation to which diseases are most important and the economics of pig production.
  • recognize some of the big challenges facing the swine industry.
  • interact with swine practicing veterinarians and swine faculty in order to expand their networking possibilities.

Other information

Maximum enrollment: 50

Type of class: Elective

Year: 1st