Swine Program

CVM 6842: Swine diseases diagnostics, therapeutic and prevention

Students in necropsy lab


This rotation is designed for students with some swine in mixed animal practice or with swine concentration.  The intent of the rotation is to provide the students with most recent and in-depth knowledge on swine diseases and diagnostic techniques along with advanced therapeutic methods. The student will use the knowledge to apply on different clinical problems in swine farms. The major emphasis for this rotation is problem solving and discussion of on-farm disease cases.


By the end of the rotation, a student will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast the major diseases prevalent in the swine production today
  • Create a differential diagnostics based on clinical observation and production record
  • Select the appropriate diagnostic test based on the clinical picture  of a farm
  • Create a therapeutic plan based on observation and laboratory results
  • Interpret laboratory results

Other information

Maximum enrollment: 12

Type of class: Rotation

Year: 4th