Swine Program

CVM 6813: Miracle of Birth

Piglets nursing a sow


This rotation is associated with the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association's large animal demonstration booth “The Miracle of Birth Center” at the Minnesota State Fair. Students will participate in the delivery of calves, lambs and piglets at the State Fair and will assist in public education about the processes related to large animal veterinary medicine. Not only will students learn about the birthing process and veterinary assistance of the birthing process, but they will also learn about media relations and take part in media interviews. Students will work with a number of Minnesota's large animal veterinarians in this rotation, as well as FFA students and instructors.


By the time of the end of the rotation, a student will be able to:

  • observe the normal birthing process in cattle, sheep and swine.
  • practice vaginal examination during the birthing process on as-needed basis.
  • assist in the birthing process on as-needed basis.
  • interact with the public and educate them about livestock industries, food production and the birthing process.

Other information

Maximum enrollment: 10

Type of class: Rotation

Year: 4th