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  • Success for the swine graduate students at the 2017 MVMA

    Collage of 4 picture: one group picture of the graduate students, two pictures of graduate students while presenting and one picture of one student receiving a scholarship award.

    The swine group was well represented at the 2017 MVMA meeting. Ms. Anderson and Dr. Ludwig Takeuti both gave a presentation on diagnostic tools for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infections. Drs. Garrido Mantilla and Chamba Pardo shared the latest update on swine influenza. Dr. Kinsley explained how the structure of a swine farm can influence disease persistence. Dr. Resende shared the advantages of a fairly recent diagnostic technique: in situ hybridization. Congratulations to Ms. Anderson who also received a $5,000 Food Animal Scholarship from the MVM Foundation!

  • The U of MN hosts the Minnesota Pork Board Research committee

    With the objective to continue a fruitful and mutually beneficial collaboration, the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) hosted the Minnesota Pork Board (MPB) Research Committee on December 15th, to exchange ideas and to discuss projects that would be the most beneficial for the swine industry in Minnesota.

  • Veterinary Students learn swine ultrasound

    On Saturday November 5th, a dozen of veterinary students met with faculty members at the University of Minnesota Southern research and outreach center in Waseca, MN to practice their pregnancy diagnostic skills. By the end of the lab, we are glad to say that all students were able to successfully tell if a sow was pregnant or not!

  • Infectious Disease Research Laboratories, Food Centric Corridor

    The Food Centric Corridor brings interdisciplinary teams together equipped with integrated modern analytical capabilities related to infectious diseases, animal health and nutrition to address challenges of food security thus supporting the University’s mission to produce a safe, secure and sustainable food supply.

    The newly remodeled 3,500 sq ft laboratories and the state of the art equipment were made possible by funds from the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Office of the Vice-President of Research.

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Engaged in research, teaching, service, and outreach, the Swine Group is focused on swine health and production, disease control and eradication, and animal welfare to improve swine health.