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Voiding Urohydropropulsion—Raincoat Required ?

At the Minnesota Urolith Center, we developed voiding urohydropropulsion (VU), a nonsurgical method of removing small baldder stones from dogs and cats.  Stone removal typically takes a few seconds and is successful, compassionate alternative to surgical stone removal.  Voiding urohydropropulsion requires lifting the anesthetized animal into a vertical position, and can be cumberson in large dogs.  To assist with the procedure, we use a tilting exam table.  Video of voiding urohydropropulsion in a 6 year old, male-neutered dalmatian using a tilting exam table

image of dog on a tilt exam table

Additional Resources:

Use of urohydropropulsion, cystoscopy and lithotripsy to manage feline urolithiasis,  Jody Lulich DVM, PhD, DACVIM, Hill's Global Symposium on Feline Lower Urinary Tract Health, Prague, 23rd - 24th April 2014
Voiding urohydropropulsion. Lessons from 5 years of experience. Lulich, JP, et al, Vet Clin North Am Small Anim Pract. 1999 Jan;29(1):283-91, xiv.

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