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Fee:  Quantitative Urolith Analysis = No costimage of a canine struvite urolith that has a unique heart shape
Quantitative urolith analysis is supported by a generous educational gift from Hill's Pet Nutrition and by essential voluntary contributions from pet owners, industry partners, and veterinary clinics worldwide. See how to help us atGive now to the Minnesota Urolith Center     Printable Gift Form

How to prepare sample/shipping information  
Samples Accepted:  Our laboratory offers urolith analysis of minerals from the urinary tract (aka uroliths, urinary stones, calculi)
Samples NOT Accepted: 
urolith cultures, urinalysis, choleoliths (gallbladder stones), sialoliths, enteroliths or other material from outside the urinary tract are not accepted.  Consult your local reference laboratory, your state veterinary college or diagnostic laboratory, or materials characterization facilities in your area for assistance
Species accepted

  • USA submissions: If submitted by colleagues in the United States, we are able to accept samples from all species (EXCEPT primates and humans) . Be sure to provide detailed species identification when entering patient information online prior to shipping samples.
  • International Submissions: To comply with international regulations, shipments from clinics outside the United States must contain only approved species. See “Shipping from outside the USA” on the How to Ship Samples page for acceptable species under USDA guidelines 1102, 1103, 1104.  In general, dogs, cats, rodents, aquatic species, and reptiles are accepted.


Please submit samples dry in a non-breakable container labeled with patient and owner names.  Information on proper packaging can be found under How to ship samples.
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