Dairy Education Center

Prospective Students

The goal of this program is to train future dairy veterinarians in production medicine. It is designed to provide intense immersion in an array of subjects that will be essential for dairy veterinarians in the future. Although students may have variable experience in dairy production medicine coming into the rotation, they are expected to have a strong interest in and commitment to dairy practice. This is a for-credit rotation and students will be evaluated based on their participation and academic performance. 

As this is not a clinical (sick cow) rotation, students with limited clinical skills in dairy veterinary medicine should not forfeit all other opportunities for clinical education in favor of this program.

2019 Program Dates

Introductory Course: May 6-17, 2019 (2 weeks)


Advanced Course: July 1-26, 2019 (4 weeks)

Currently Accepting Applications for 2019 Course Dates.

(Intended for 2020 DVM graduates.)

Although we are working to raise funds from the private sector to underwrite program costs, we still expect that students will need to contribute up to $2,750 for their enrollment ($750 for Introductory, housing not included; $2,000 for Advanced, housing included). If needed, students are encouraged to seek scholarship or grant assistance from sources like the AABP or from their own college. Students interested in this program are eligible for financial support from the AABP educational grant, details at http://aabp.org/Students/EducationFundDesc.asp.

To apply for this course, please submit your resume, a 1-page letter of interest detailing your experience and interest in dairy production medicine, and a letter of reference from a faculty member to:

Jessica Yost
Dairy Education Center
43475 County Rd. 15
Nicollet, MN 56082