Clinical Investigation Center

Oral medication for arthritis pain in cats


pet cat photoCurrent Status: Active and enrolling
Principal Investigator: Alonso Guedes, MV, MS, PhD, DACVAA
Dr. Hilary Shipley, Resident in Veterinary Anesthesiology,
Amber Winter, Research Study Technician at 612-624-1352 or

Purpose of Study:

To evaluate whether a pain killer is able to provide pain relief in cats with arthritis, a type of joint inflammation that causes pain and is highly prevalent in cats. This is a double-blinded, placebo-controlled study, meaning neither the investigator nor the owner will know which treatment the cat is taking, and a cross-over study, meaning all cats will receive both the placebo and pain relief medication - switching at three weeks. The total study is about 7 weeks long.

What we need:

  • Cats that are indoor only
  • Owner can identify specific mobility problems
  • Evidence of arthritis and decreased muscle mass on X-ray
  • Cats with no other diseases or significant abnormalities, not pregnant
  • Cats cannot receive any anti-inflammatory or other medications at least one week before enrollment

Study includes:

  • Screening visit for history and physical, orthopedic exam, x-ray to confirm diagnosis
  • Enrollment visit: collar fitted to the cat with an activity monitor
  • 2 bottles of oral medication, one given to cat for first 3 weeks, then the other given for the next 3 weeks
  • Weekly phone calls from Dr. Shipley using a questionnaire designed specifically for the owner's cat
  • Final visit to return the collar and any unused medication

The study covers the costs of all visits above, the oral medications and activity monitor. Owners are responsible for unforeseen complications of the study medication.

To learn more, please contact Dr. Shipley or Amber Winter above.