Clinical Investigation Center

Food additive for dogs with atopic dermatitis (allergies)

Border collie dog in snow

Study Title: Safety and Efficacy of a food additive in client owned dogs with atopic dermatitis
Current Status: Open and enrolling
Principal Investigator: Sheila Torres, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVD
Contacts: Dr. Torres:
Andrea Eckert, Senior Research Study Technician,, 612-625-3157

Study purpose and design:

Canine atopic dermatitis (AD) is a common chronic allergic skin condition that often causes severe itching and is difficult to manage. Many of the treatments we have today have undesirable side effects and others do not manage the symptoms completely. The primary goal of this study is to investigate if an all-natural food supplement can reduce the itching and skin lesions found with AD. This is a double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized study with two treatments: placebo and test treatment. The treatments are given with the dog's usual diet once/day. Owners will keep a log and visit the clinic for screening, enrollment, Day 14 and Day 28. Following the 28-day trial, dogs which were in the placebo group will have the opportunity to enroll in a 28-day open-enrollment study with the test treatment.

Eligible dogs, briefly (contact us for full information):

  • have non-seasonal, environmental-induced atopic dermatitis with moderate to severe itching (dogs with partial food-induced AD can be enrolled if other eligibility met)
  • Age 12 months or older
  • 3kg - 80 kg in weight
  • need to withdraw from any medications for the treatment of dermatitis, except for medicated shampoos and some ear cleaners 
  • will remain on the same diet throughout the study
  • if have another condition as well can enroll as long as treatment for that condition does not change prior to and throughout study
  • will not have cancer, demodex mange, flea bite allergy, any condition affecting the immune system (hypothyroidism, hyperadrenocorticism, rickettsial disease, idiopathic thrombocytopenia, Von Willebrand's disease)
  • will not be receiving systemic antimicrobial medications for bacterial folliculitis, fungal dermatitis
  • cannot be intended for breeding, or lactating
  • wil not have any abnormalities in pretreatment blood counts, serum chemistry or urinalysis

Costs of the study:

All study visits are paid by the study. In addition, at the conclusion of the 28-day placebo controlled study, owners will be eligible for a $200 debit card for their time and trouble.

To learn more, or to enroll, please contact Andrea Eckert or Dr. Torres (above).