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We have many opportunities for pet animals to participate in clinical trials. Each listing below has a quick summary plus a link to more information for each study.

Clinical Trials Seeking Participants

Cancer (Oncology)

Cancer (Oncology)

Dogs with hemangiosarcoma (HSA)

Dogs diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma of the spleen or liver scheduled for surgery at the VMC (splenectomy or lobectomy) for a clinical trial of an autologous vaccine (made from the dog's own tumor cells)

Learn more about Autologous vaccine for immunotherapy of hemangiosarcoma

Dogs with hemangiosarcoma, other splenic lesions, other cancers and healthy young dogs - Shine On

Multi-phase study to develop effective methods for early detection and for prevention of canine hemangiosarcoma. Phase 1 to blood sample dogs in four categories, with follow up sampling. 

Learn more about the Shine On Project

Dogs with any malignancy that can be biopsied repeatedly (not hemangiosarcoma or mast cell tumor)

Study to assess the safety and effectiveness of a cancer-killing virus when given to dogs with cancer. Eligible dogs will have tumors approx. 3 cm or greater that will not be surgically removed during the study.

Learn more about the COTC024 trial

VIGOR trial: Translational approach for development of a novel oncolytic immunotherapy for osteosarcoma

Dogs diagnosed with osteosarcoma of a limb for a study of a new therapy given in the hospital, followed by amputation and chemotherapy

Learn more about the VIGOR trial

Brain tumor trials

Dogs with solitary brain tumors with MRI diagnosis of meningioma for a twelve month trial at the Veterinary Medical Center.  

Learn more about Canine Brain Tumor Clinical Trials

Animal Cancer Care and Research

Learn more about the Animal Cancer Care and Research program

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Dogs with type-1 diabetes treated with NPH insulin

Study for diabetic dogs to determine if an injectable plasmid leads to better tolerance of human NPH insulin and improves clinical status.

Learn more about The TAHITI study: Tolerizing against human insulin in dogs with type-1 diabetes

Diabetic cats: once daily medical therapy field efficacy and safety trial

Enrollment closed. Current clients with enrolled cats may contact Kelly Bergsrud at

Miniature Schnauzer

Study to determine the genetic risk factors for hyperlipidemia in high-risk breeds.

Read more about Genetic determinants of hyperlipidemia in Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzer, Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu, Border Collie and Dachshund dogs 

Study seeking these breeds with a history of calcium oxalate stones or dogs > 9 years old which have never had calcium oxalate stones

Read more about Novel mutations associated with calcium oxalate urolithiasis risk in dogs

Orthopedics/ Surgery

Orthopedics/ Surgery

Dogs with pain due to osteoarthritis in the knee or elbow joint

Study of an intra-articular (in the joint) injection of new pain treatment for dogs with chronic osteoarthritis

Read more about the STEPS study

Cats with arthritis

Study of oral pain medication given daily to cats at home

Read more about Oral medication for arthritis pain in cats