Patricia Goodman-Mamula, PhD

Patricia Goodman-Mamula

Contact Info

Mailing Address:
204 Veterinary Science Building
1971 Commonwealth Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55108

PhD, Indiana University

BA, University of California at Santa Cruz


Patricia has extensive experience in biomedical research experience including publications in the fields of prion biology, diabetes and cancer. She is currently co-course coordinator of General Microbiology (VBS 2032) and an instructor for two other Fall semester courses; Introduction to Biotechnology (VBS 1001) and Diagnostic Laboratory (CVM 6925). In conjuncture with Tim Johnson and Dawn Foster-Hartnett she is currently developing a new Grand Challenges course: “Antibiotic resistance: how can we avoid the apocalypse” for the 2017 Spring semester. This class will examine the impact of globalization on spread of antibiotic resistance and feature lectures by world-renowned experts.



  • VBS 2032 General Microbiology, co-course coordinator
  • VBS 1001 Introduction to Biotechnology, instructor
  • CVM 6925 Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
  • GCC 3016 Antibiotic Resistance: How can we Avoid the Apocalypse?, instructor