John Collister, DVM, PhD

John Collister

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-626-1206

Mailing Address:
295G AS/VM Building
1988 Fitch Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55108

PhD, Veterinary Physiology, University of Minnesota

DVM, University of Illinois

BS, Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois

BS, Microbiology, University of Illinois



Teaching, Physiology, Micro-anatomy
Curriculum Director


Research Summary/Interests

Primarily, my lab studies the link between hormonal systems (such as the renin angiotensin system), central sites of action of these hormones and the regulation of sympathetic nervous system outflow. We have focused on the plasma hormone, angiotensin II, and its role in blood pressure regulation and the pathophysiology of heart failure at 3 specific brain regions (the area postrema, subfornical organ and organum vasculosum of the lamina terminalis) known as circumventricular organs. We apply state of the art radiotelemetry to continuously measure arterial pressure and heart rate in conscious, freely moving, research subjects.




  • CVM6900 Veterinary Microanatomy, instructor and coordinator
  • CVM 6901 Physiology, cardiovascular section, instructor
  • CMB8303 Animal Models of Disease,instructor and coordinator
  • CVM6906 Critical Scientific Reading, group leader
  • GOALECVM 6000 Gopher Orientation and Leadership Experience, mentor