Andres Perez, DVM, PhD

Associate Professor,

Andres Perez

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-625-0522

Fax 612-625-1210

Office Address:
335A AnSci/VetMed
1988 Fitch Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108

Associate Professor

Endowed Chair of Global Animal Health and Food Safety

DVM, Universidad Nacional de Rosario

PhD, Universidad de Buenos Aires


I joined the University of Minnesota faculty in January, 2014, after 10 years as a post-doctoral fellow (2003-2005) and researcher (2005-2013) at UC Davis. From 2012 through December 2013, I also served as Director of the UC Davis Center for Animal Disease Modeling and Surveillance. I have served as committee member or advisor of more than 15 MPVM and PhD students over the last five years. I am also an advisor on epidemiology for the Argentine Animal Health Service and for the Foreign Animal Disease Research Unit of the USDA Agricultural Research Service at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center.


Research Summary/Interests

Veterinary epidemiology; Prevention and control of food animal diseases; Swine health; Disease modeling and surveillance; Spatial analysis; Risk analysis; Molecular epidemiology

Research Funding Grants

"Epidemiological Analysis of FMD Virus in Uganda" Specific Cooperative Agreement with the USDA/ARS, $101,500 - January 2, 2014-March 31, 2015; "Differentiating new PRRS virus incursions from resident virus strains" Boehringer Ingelheim, $25,000 - January 1, 2014-December 31, 2014; "A System for Near Real Time Space-Time Visualization and Analysis of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Data Collected by Diagnostic Laboratories" Kansas State University/CEEZAD, $38,000 - January 2, 2014-June 30, 2014; "Use of animal movement data and epidemiological modeling to identify premises at high risk of infection in the event of a foot-and-mouth disease epidemic" National Pork Board, $69,130 - January 2, 2014-December 31, 2015; "Differentiating new PRRS virus incursions from resident virus strains" U of MN Population Systems, $23,095 - May 1, 2014-April 30, 2015


For listing of recent publications, refer to PubMed, a service provided by the National Library of Medicine.