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We love seeing our alumni!

It’s been a busy winter, and we had a chance to visit with CVM alumni at the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association alumni reception in Minneapolis on February 23. We had a great turnout of more than 200 people! We were also lucky to catch up with many of you at the Western Veterinary Conference, the North American Veterinary Conference, and the American Association of Equine Practitioners annual meeting.

Attendees of 2017 MVMA reception

Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Marta Davis-Tetrault Powers: paying it forward 

CVM alum Dr. Marta Davis-Tetrault Powers, class of 2011, is an equine veterinarian at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services, where she focuses on equine medicine and reproduction. The full-service equine practice has been her second home for more than three years.

Whenever she can, Marta participates in the Mentor Program and events where she can engage with CVM students.

“I have had the privilege of having amazing mentors in my life, so it is important to me to pay that forward,” Marta says. She views vet school as being a combination of “the most wonderful and most horrible four years of my life.” Marta feels it is important to have an open door for students who are going through this extraordinary time in their lives. “I think it is important that they have someone who understands the experience,” she says.

For four years, Marta has volunteered with Equitarian Initiative, providing much-needed vaccinations and treatments for working horses in Honduras. She is married to CVM alumnus Christopher Davis-Tetrault Powers, who is a bovine veterinarian at Cold Spring Veterinary Clinic. They have two cats, Vega and Nova, and one dog, Odin.

Dr. Marta Davis-Tetrault Powers with husband Dr. Chris Davis-Tetrault Powers

About that mentor program…

The CVM’s Mentor Program makes a big difference for students who are able to connect with practicing vets who meet, advise, and have a little fun with them throughout the year. Dr. Patty Dahlke, class of 1994, of Glencoe Veterinary Clinic, has been a mentor for three years and considers the program invaluable to students.

“It teaches them things that they cannot experience within the walls of the veterinary college,” Patty says. “It also allows me to learn from them. We discuss new ideas, treatments, and classes they are taking. I would recommend all clinics becoming involved in this program.”

And from the looks of things, mentors and mentees have a lot of fun, too. Thank you to all of our mentors who help our students in so many ways.

Dr. Anna Ruelle and her mentee Laura AdamsDr. Anna Ruelle and her mentee Laura Adams

Dr. Lukas Wallerich and his mentee Jordan SanfordDr. Lukas Wallerich and his mentee Jordan Sanford

Buzz ’n Brew

Join in the fun when students and alumni get together at our Buzz ’n Brew events. The next one takes place on March 23 at the Urban Growler in Minneapolis, and all alumni are invited. For more information, contact Kris Hayden at

Buzz N' Brew event photo with students

Meet Abby Coodin

Dr. Abby Coodin is the new president of the Alumni and Friends Society Board. A member of the class of 2010, Abby owns Painted Sky Veterinary Services, a small animal practice in Amery, Wisconsin. A board member for four years, Abby and the board have increased the visibility of the organization with expanded social programs like Buzz ’n Brew and the Mentor Program, where students and alumni can connect.

“This year every student who was interested in a mentor has one,” she says proudly. The board has also taken an active role in the White Coat ceremony. As Abby says, “White Coat is such an important time for a DVM student, and it calls for a celebration.” 

Dr. Abby Coodin

Spring 2017

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Class Notes


Dr. Marvin Rohm, class of 1957, received the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association’s 50 Years of Membership Award at the association's annual convention in October. Marvin is a large-animal veterinarian who spent 35 years practicing in Rudolph and Auburndale, Wisconsin.


Dr. John Fritsche, class of 1966, of Racine, Wisconsin, received the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association’s 50 Years of Membership Award during the WVMA's annual convention in October. John is a mixed-animal veterinarian who spent the first 20 years as a large animal veterinarian and the last 25 years as a small animal veterinarian. After graduating, he worked at a small animal clinic in Greendale, Wisconsin, for a year before opening the Franksville Veterinary Clinic in 1967. He retired 45 years later in 2012.

Dr. Andrew Peterson, class of 1969, was recognized for his knowledge and expertise in the livestock industry at the North Star Classic Livestock Show in Valley City, North Dakota, in December. Andrew started the Enderlin Veterinary Clinic In Enderlin, North Dakota, in 1975 and continues to practice mixed animal veterinary medicine.


American Humane appointed Dr. Janet Helms, class of 1992, as national director of the American Humane Farm Program. Janet was previously senior dairy technical services veterinarian for Zoetis in the Pacific Northwest.

Carl Osborne, CVM legend, passes away

The college mourns the loss of Dr. Carl Osborne, College of Veterinary Medicine professor for 53 years and founder of the Minnesota Urolith Center. Dr. Osborne passed away peacefully on March 5, surrounded by his family and best friend, Chloe, his longtime service dog.

Dr. Carl Osborne with a bulldog

In Remembrance

Dr. Marshall "Kim" Brinton, class of 1983, died December 4 at his home in Miami Beach, Florida, at age 62. After working at a veterinary clinic in Roswell, New Mexico, Kim and his wife, former classmate Jane Nygaard, returned to St. Paul and the University of Minnesota in 1985, when Kim did graduate work in avian microbiology. His first major success was developing a vaccine for Pasteurella anatipestifer, an economically devastating turkey disease. In the ensuing years, he developed and patented several vaccines and toxoids to improve flock and herd health and reduce the need for antibiotics in poultry and swine. He founded the Poultry Veterinary Center in 1994 and retired in 2006.

Dr. Todd D. Johnson, class of 1963, of Paynesville, Minnesota, passed away on November 29. After practicing in Spring Grove, Ortonville, and Ruthton/Tyler, Todd established a practice in Paynesville in 1975, retiring in 2001. He enjoyed fishing, golfing, and hunting with his many Labrador retrievers.

Dr. John Kunkel, class of 1963, died November 21 after a battle with Alzheimer's disease. His primary professional interests were bovine medicine and embryo transfer. 

Dr. Rodney Morton Revsbech, class of 1956, passed away on December 8 at age 89. Rodney was a world traveler who enjoyed his rustic deer shack in Itasca County and his many trips to Eagle, Colorado, for elk hunting. He also loved fishing, gardening, hiking in the woods, bird-watching, and tapping trees for maple syrup.

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