Alumni and Friends Society

AFS Board with Goldy the GopherAlumni and Friends Society

All graduates of the College of Veterinary Medicine are members of the Alumni and Friends Society. The purpose of the Alumni and Friends Society (AFS) is to promote, stimulate, and encourage interest andsupport, including financial, for the benefit of the College, its faculty, students, and alumni. The society seeks to encourage communication and cooperation between alumni, the College, the University, the University of Minnesota Alumni Association, and the community.

AFS Board

If you're interested in joining the AFS Board send your name, email address, and phone number to

AFS Board Roster

Dr. Christopher Anderson, Board President
Dr. Mary Jo Baarsch
Dr. Kevin Barcus
Dr. Abby Coodin
Dr. Ian Drummond
Dr. Rick Goullaud
Dr. Teresa Hershey
Dr. Judith Lapham
Dr. Mike McMenomy
Dr. Susan Miller
Dr. Anne Ruelle
Dr. Karen Shenoy
Annette Lundberg, Student Representative
Briana Neuzil, Student Representative
Laura Stephens-Brown, Student Representative

University of Minnesota Alumni Association

The Alumni and Friends Society encourages membership in the University of Minnesota Alumni Association. Membership brings you Minnesota magazine, access to online databases and publications, discounts on cultural activities and Gopher merchandise, and many other benefits. To become a member, fill out the online membership form. The promotion code NP4VM will ensure that the College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Society benefits from your membership. 20 percent of every new alumni membership comes directly back to CVM, supporting alumni centered events and funding scholarships.