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Twin Cities Diverse Communities Directory


This Twin Cities Diverse Communities Directory was developed by the University of Minnesota Office for Diversity in Graduate Education as a courtesy to inform University students, staff and faculty about resources and services within the Twin Cities area. 

Purdue’s Student Certificate Program for Diversity and Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine

AVMA Scholarship

The AVMA Board of Directors has provided $13,500 in support of students to complete Purdue’s Student Certificate Program for Diversity and Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine. Four veterinary medical students from each of the U.S. Colleges/Schools of Veterinary Medicine can participate in the program for free. Students will have one year to complete their certificate. Aggregate impact measures will be collected by Purdue Veterinary Medicine and the AVMA. Deans can enroll their student awardees using the attached form.

This program is designed to foster inclusive learning environments at educational institutions and to help students develop the skills to succeed as veterinary professionals. Online module topics include:

  •  The Case for Diversity in Veterinary Medicine
  •  Diversity Lingo
  •  History of Diversity in Veterinary Medicine
  •  Stereotype Threat
  •  Microaggressions
  •  The LGBTQ Community
  •  Effective Communication with Spanish-Speaking Clients and Colleagues
  •  Persons with Disabilities
  •  Men in Veterinary Medicine
  •  Generational Diversity
  •  Affirmative Leadership
  •  P-12 Engagement
  •  Creating Your Professional Information Profile

Students will also:

  • Complete and document 3 hours of volunteer community service and submit written reflections about what was learned.
  •  Document participation in 4 pertinent activities each lasting at least one hour, and submit written reflections about what was learned from each activity.
  • Submit a capstone paper (1-2 pages) on how they will use information from the certificate program to strengthen diversity and inclusion in veterinary medicine.

The certificate is delivered through the Center of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine, a partnership among Purdue University, the Association for American Veterinary Medical Colleges, and the American Veterinary Medical Association.