Signature Programs

The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), a pioneer and an internationally recognized leader in animal health research, is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to current and emerging problems at the interface of animals, humans, and the environment that threaten animal and human health. The problems are global, interlaced, and complex, and require multidisciplinary integrated approaches that unify biology and medicine. The CVM aims to reveal and resolve the increasingly intertwined elements of animal and human health in our environment based on the concept of One Medicine and One Science.  Exciting research is being conducted within CVM departments across our Signature Programs.

Signature Program Funding

The Office of the Associate Dean of Research in partnership with the Signature Program steering committee leaders awarded approximately $625,000 to CVM research projects and fellowships.

The choice to award our Agricultural Experiment Station dollars through this competitive process allows College of Veterinary Medicine faculty to conduct important research that is leveraged to attain external funding through industry and federal partners.