Swine Program

  • Big Data = Big Discoveries

    Across the University of Minnesota, researchers are queuing up big datasets at the Genomics Center and Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI), hoping that something stands out in the millions of “reads” that are returned.

  • Jerry Torrison appointed director of Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

    A former College of Veterinary Medicine faculty member and diagnostician, Torrison earned his DVM and PhD degrees at the University of Minnesota.
    Read more about the appointment [LINK]

  • Confirming airborne transmission of influenza A virus in swine

    The research helps improve the design of flu control strategies and strengthen research into the prevention of zoonotic infections.

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Engaged in research, teaching, service, and outreach, the Swine Group is focused on swine health and production, disease control and eradication, and animal welfare to improve swine health.